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AACEM Role in Industry Test Standard Development   arrow

The Technical Committee of the AACEM plays an active role in the development of test standards for commercial cleaning equipment. This includes International Standards, National Standards, and also the harmonization of these standards.

In the area of commercial cleaning equipment, the following industry groups have responsibility for these standards:

  • International Safety Standards – IEC Technical Committee 61 (TC 61) and Subcommittee 61J (SC 61J)
  • National Safety Standards – Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Assoc (CSA)
  • Harmonization of standards – The Recognized Technical Harmonization Committee 335K (THC 335K)

These industries groups pull membership, and sponsorship, from North American users of the standards.  The AACEM is the recognized sponsor and organizer for the Commercial Cleaning Equipment industry groups.  The relationship between the AACEM and these industry groups is shown in the graphic.