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The Technical Committee of the AACEM has two formal meetings each year, and its members attend many other meetings through the year related to the development of Safety and Performance Standards. The graphic lists the relevant meeting schedule for the near future.
YearStart DateDatesEventGroupLocation
2022445791/18-20/22WorkingTHC 335HVirtual
20224458744587WorkingSC61J MT1Virtual
2022445851/24-25/2022WorkingSC61J USTAGSan Diego (Brain Corp)
20224463544635WorkingEUnited Cleaning TCVirtual
2022446423/22-24/22WorkingTHC 335HVirtual
20224464344643WorkingTHC 335KChicago - UL
20224464444644RoutineUSTAG TC61Chicago - UL
2022tbdtbdTentativeUSTAG SC61Jtbd
2022tbdtbdSpring MeetingAACEM TCtbd
2022446975/16-19/2022ASTM Spring mtgASTM/IEC joint meetingSeattle
2022Need date10/24-28/2022Annual MeetingSC61JChicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022Align with SC61JSC61J MT1Chicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022Align with SC61JSC61J WG2Chicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022Align with SC61JSC61J WG3Chicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022WorkingTHC 335HChicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022WorkingTHC 335KChicago, IL (UL)
2022Need date10/24-28/2022Routine MeetingAACEM TCChicago, IL (UL)
20224486510/31-11/4, 2022TC61San Fran
20224486510/31-11/2/2022ASTM fall mtgASTM F11 meetingNew Orleans
2022tbdtbdAnnual MeetingAACEM TCtbd
2022tbdtbdAlign with AACEMSC61J USTAGtbd
2022tbdtbdAlign with AACEMTHC 335Ktbd