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The American Association of
Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers

The American Association of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers (AACEM), a subsidiary organization of ISSA, exists to serve and represent the interests of manufacturers of commercial and industrial powered cleaning equipment.

AACEM promotes public awareness, professionalism, industry-wide safety standards, and education for the advancement of the cleaning equipment industry.


Mission Statement

The AACEM is committed to providing tangible value to its membership through:

  • Quarterly reports and evaluation of competitor performance statistics
  • Voting rights on industry standards
  • Influence over industry technical issues
  • Opportunities to build personal relationships with other C-Level industry executives

Further, the AACEM is committed to broader industry constituents by: 

  • Offering superior mechanized cleaning solutions to downstream customers in the form of technically advanced equipment that adheres to North American industry standards
  • Educating on how the “Value of Clean” can impact a company’s bottom line
  • Acting as an authority on industry standards
  • Providing unified governance
  • Fostering greater industry legitimacy

The AACEM stands for:


  • Industry Marketing for Mechanized/Automated Cleaning
  • Association of Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Product Scope
  • Lobbying & Influencing


  • Data Sharing & Conclusions
  • Product Categorization
  • Product Scope
  • Trends


  • Regulatory Body of the Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer’s Industry
  • Watchdog
  • Standard Enforcement


  • Technical Standards
  • Liaison Management with Regulatory Bodies (OSHA)
  • Procedural
  • Terminology
  • Safety
  • Environmental

Working together we create a better business environment for manufacturers. In support of our mission, we bring significant value to our members through the benefits we provide.  

  • Help guide important policies and standards such as IEC standards, CRI, UL, Green
  • Inclusion on industry trends and quarterly performance statistics
  • Build relationships with industry executives
  • Act as a coordinated influence on industry technical issues through the technical committee
  • Provide unique “engagement” opportunities to support key strategic pillars
  • Defining and executing a strategy designed to enable our members, while simultaneously uplifting the image/importance of our industry
  • Voting rights on industry standards

For more information on AACEM, contact Allison Hill, AACEM Coordinator, at 800-225-4772; email [email protected].